Wu Yi Rock Tea Tasting - Friday 3rd March at 15:30-17:30

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Date: Friday 3rd March at 15:30-17:30

Location: in the shop

Wu Yi Rock Teas are complex, challenging and sometimes hard to love. It takes patience to fully appreciate their charm. Juyan will introduce you the distinctive terroir of Wu Yi Mountain where these teas are grown, show you how to brew them properly by Gong Fu Cha style, and how to drink them like the locals. For lovers of Rock Tea, this class will prove an interesting educational experience.

Wu Yi Rock tea is a category in its’s own right. Not only the category is made up of hundreds of tea plant cultivars, but also their growing environment of Wu Yi Mountain which is characterized by beautiful winding river valleys flanked by columnar or dome-shaped cliffs as well as cave systems. The high mineral content of the volcanic soil and the high humidity and numerous peaks shroud tea bushes in mist and shade with slow and concentrated growth impart its distinct character – Yan Yun poetically translated as Rock Rhyme.

To learn what is the true Rock Rhyme and the effect of cultivar, difference in terroir, only the ones from the Zhengyan (inner) area of Wu Yi are selected for this class.   We will taste following teas:

  • Wu Yi Rock Tea – Hui Yuan Keng Da Hong Pao
  • Wu Yi Rock Tea – Hui Yuan Keng Rou Gui
  • Wu Yi Rock Tea – Lu Xiu Yan Old Bush Shui Xian
  • Wu Yi Rock Tea – Heaven’s Scent

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