Raw Puer Tea Tasting: 'The Mountain Tour'

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Date: 10am – 12pm, 11th January 2020

Would you like to find out more about Puer Tea?

All Puer tea starts out the same.  The basic ingredient is called 'Mao Cha'.  Mao Cha is harvested and allowed to dry in the sun.

The most famous tea from Yunnan is Puer.  Yunnan province is in south west China and the origin of tea can be traced there.  There are a number of trees in Yunnan that can be dated back more that 2000 years.  The rain forests of Yunnan are rich in diversity.

 Dive into the world of Puer Tea, this often-complex variety of Dark Tea exclusively grown in Yunnan Province, China. Uncover what makes Puer such as deeply fascinating experience by exploring

In this Puer Tea Tasting, we will explore only Raw Puer teas from four different mountains:

Ku Zhu Mountain: 苦竹山

Location: Jing Gu County, south west of Yunnan province.

Altitude: 2200 meter high.

Tea plantation: the ancient tea gardens are distributed around the various villages.  The ecological status of the tea gardens is very good and tea trees are naturally distributed and grow naturally without any trim.  

Man Long in He Kai Mountain: 曼竜 贺开山

Location: Menghai county in Xishuangbanna

Altitude: 1700 meter high

Tea plantation: the ancient tea garden is one of the ancient tea mountains that has been well preserved and has the largest contiguous area in the state of Xishuangbanna.

Luo Shui Cave in Yi Wu Mountain: 落水洞 易武山

Location: Luo Shui Cave is located in the west of Yi Wu Mountain, south of Yunnan province;

Altitude: 1287 meters high.

Tea plantation: the old tea trees are distributed in the forests and the ecological environment is well preserved. Luo Shui Cave is in the central production area of the ancient tea tree in the village of Heshui Village, several hundred years old ancient tea tress around the village make it famous here. It also because of the seriousness and rigorous attitude towards the tea making process of the people in the Luo Shui Cave.

Lao Man E 老曼俄

Location: Lao man E is located in Banzhang Village, Bu Lang Mountain, Xishuangbanna.

Altitude: 1650 meters high

Tea plantation: Lao Man E is deeply buried in the virgin forest of Bu Lang Mountain.  It is less than 20 km away from the Old Banzhang village. The Bulang ethnic group was one of the earliest celebrities who planted tea trees and had a history of tea cultivation for more than 1377 years.  The 3,205 acres of ancient tea gardens left by the ancestors are scattered throughout the jungle around the village.

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