Chaozhou Red Clay Teapot

Chaozhou teapots are made with local red clay from Feng Huang (Phoenix Mountain) in Chaozhou, Guang Dong Province. They are hand thrown on wheels with thinner walls comparing to Yixing teapots. Chaozhou teapots are made mostly in the traditional Chaozhou style with relatively small size (under 180ml) and used in the Gong Fu tea ceremony which also originates in Chaozhou. Chaozhou teapots are simply the best tea brewing tools when it comes to Phoenix Dan Cong oolong tea or lightly baked oolong from Fujian province or Taiwan. The density of the clay allows properly retaining the heat and helping in increasing the aromas while rounding the tea liquor and deepen the flavour and texture of tea, but also clay has the same composition of minerals are the tea trees for Phoenix Dan Cong tea are grown. The size of most Chaozhou teapots are small, makes 3 to 4 little cups of tea, just enough to drink it fast while it’s hot for appreciating the Dan Cong's aroma and flavour.