White Tea

White Tea is the most lightly processed tea - the freshly picked tea leaves would be only dried in natural sun, which gives it a most delicate, natural flavour. Traditionally, White Tea is produced in north-eastern of Fujian Province - Fuding county and Zhenghe county are the main producing areas from local "Da Bai" cultivar of Camellia Sinensis Sinensis plant. There are four main types of White Teas according to the harvesting dates: Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) - only contains young buds which is picked in the earliest time in the spring from mid-March to the end of March;  During the early April, one bud and two slightly opened leaves would be plucked for making the second grade of white tea: White Peony (Bai Mu Dan);   Gong Mei is the third grade which the fresh leaves would be plucked in the late of April.  Then the last grade - Shou Mei, the relative matured tea leaves plucked in early May. Despite the differences in grading, each individual white tea is different by their delicate sweetness flavour. 

Our Fujian White Tea is produced by Master Ye, one of the expert and representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage in white tea production. Master Ye went back his hometown Fuding in 2001 and started his own tea business after working many years at an exporting tea company.  Master Ye's tea gardens are located in the deep mountain ranges away from human habitation and surrounded by lush forests and dense vegetation. He focuses on traditional methods of picking and process teas.

Apart from the traditional Fujian White Tea, we have also selected other White Teas produce from Yunnan Province using different cultivars. The Yunnan White Teas has much stronger characters than Fujian White Tea.