Green Teas

Our selection of fresh luxury Green Tea includes many highly sought after and delightful varieties that are all characterised by their own distinct qualities and flavours and are all extraordinarily fresh, fragrant and sweet. To ensure we deliver only the best loose leaf Green Tea to our customers, we visit our tea farmers in China every year.  In fact for the past 10 years we have visit China every April during the spring harvest.  We only choose teas that picked in the spring harvest, as they are the most succulent and flavoursome of all the seasonal teas. We then sample all of our teas before we buy them so that our customers get the best quality control from us. All of the Tea Farmers we use are Tea Masters whose families possess generations of knowledge in their craft and who all own their own independent tea gardens.  Green Tea goes through very little processing and no oxidisation, meaning all the goodness and flavour complexity is persevered for you to enjoy in your brew, making it a rich source of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.