Our Private Gong Fu Tea Tasting Ceremonies

Our private tea tasting sessions have been expertly tailored so that tea appreciation and relaxation are its core features. The sessions are a great way for the novice or seasoned tea drinker, alike, who would like to take the next step in their appreciation of tea. 

Drink a variety of specially selected, delicious and rare teas while learning about tea and tasting tips from Juyan, the owner of The Chinese Tea Company, who's passion and expert knowledge in tea will help you appreciate this beverage.

This casual and relaxing two hour tea tasting session takes place in our Portobello Green tea shop.  You will discover the best ways to get to know the different types of teas, how they made, how to brew, how to taste it, when to taste it and what to look out for. 

You will sample a number of specially selected teas and each tea comes from different category and region so you can explore the diversity of tastes from a single plant.  You will also discover how the nuances of flavour and texture influenced by the process, season and terroir.

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Private Tea Tasting

If you are interested in finding out more information on The Chinese Tea Company private tea tasting sessions, have any questions or would like to book a session, please click on the image above or fill in the form to the right.  

Available time to book 11am - 1pm or 3pm - 5pm Thursday & Friday, 10am - 12pm on Saturday.

Please be aware, the sessions are very popular so book early to avoid disappointment.

'...I just wanted to say a personal thank you again for the fantastic tea tasting experience you gave both my girlfriend and me this morning. It was fascinating to learn about the subtleties of the different teas, where they’re grown and how they’re processed, learning more about Chinese culture and also what effects different teas have on you. I’m sure we will be back again in the future to buy and try more varieties as we learn what our favourites are...' - Mark and Charity