Phoenix Dan Cong Tea Tasting

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Date: 10am – 12pm - 18th January 2020

Phoenix Dan Cong is one of the Oolong Tea from Chaozhou, Guangdong Province.  The tea is famous for its overwhelming fruity flavour and super flower notes. The name of various Phoenix Dan Cong oolongs was giving based on the flavour of tea leaves produced from its original tree. The varieties of flavour are almost as many as the number of tea trees on the mountain. 

 Juyan has selected four different Phoenix Dan Cong to show how they are different in varieties of flavour but also what the true flavour of being a real Dan Cong (means tea is made from a single tree).

 This tasting session:

  • Duck Shit Aroma 鸭屎香
  • The Lady of the Night 夜来香
  • Old Bushes Honey & Orchid 老枞蜜兰香
  • Single Bush Song Zhong 宋种

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