Oolong Tea Tasting: 'The Black Dragon'

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Date: 10am – 12pm, 8th Feb 2020

Join Juyan for this exciting opportunity to learn about and taste the most exciting category of tea - Oolong.

What tea lover doesn’t absolutely love Oolong? Who is not fascinated by the particular varietal or cultivar of Camellia Sinensis that is bred, cultivated and processed to bring out the plant’s amazing floral character; the big, thick leaves that develop unbelievable layers of flavour, aroma and nutrients that are brought out by the incredible skill of the tea maker through a meticulous regime of withering, pan-firing and slow charcoal roasting, etc.

Different styles of Oolong tea can vary widely in flavor. They can be sweet and fruity with a honey aroma, woody and thick with roasted aromas, or green and fresh with complex aromas, all depending on the cultivation and style of production.

Juyan travels to various parts of China every spring to select teas for her business and will share her knowledge and experience of the regions she has visited over the years in order to buy the best from the different provinces. For this tasting event, she has selected one tea to represent each of the producing regions to show just how different each oolong can be.

We will taste the following teas:

TIE GUAN YIN: a lightly oxidized oolong; from Anxi county, south-east of Fujian province.

BAI YAI STRANGE ORCHID: a heavily roasted and aged oolong; from Zhangzhou, south-east of Fujian province

WU YI ROCK TEA – Da Hong Pao: a medium oxidized tea that is heavily roasted over charcoal heat; from Wu Yi Mountain, north-west of Fujian province.

PHOENIX DAN CONG – Duck Sh*t Aroma: a medium oxidized tea that is lightly roasted over charcoal heat; from Phoenix Mountain, north-east of Guangdong province.

ALISHAN HIGH MOUNTAIN: a lightly oxidized oolong from Alishan, Taiwan

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