Aged Tea Tasting: 'The older the better?'

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Date: 4th January 2020 at 10am – 12pm

We will be holding a special tasting event at our shop to discover what is Aged Teas and taste a selection of teas that have been personally collected by the owner Juyan over the years.

In general, most of teas are designed to be consumed with a couple of years after they are produced. Beyond this period, even if they are kept in good condition, their aromas still decrease gradually with the time.  But for some teas, they are designed to become better with age. With the appropriate environment and the right tea, there are a series changes have been taking place inside the tea during the storage, the tea will change to something utterly unique. Teas gain complexity and more mature, and lost freshness and fieriness as they age, the liquor that slinks down your throat and warm your belly, relaxes your muscles and calms your mind.

This tasting session, Juyan will introduce you four different teas that are all aged over ten years:

  • 2007 Silver Needle White Tea
  • 2002 Phoenix Dan Cong – Old bush Shui Xian Oolong
  • 2002 Bu Lang Mountain Raw Puer
  • 1992 Meng Hai Ripe Puer – brewed
  • 1992 Meng Hai Ripe Puer – Boiled

There are only 6 spaces available for this tasting session, so BOOK it early.


Booking fee is non-refundable and cannot be carried forward to another event date or redeemed on products but can be transferred to your friends by email us to confirm.