Listening the Guqin and Drinking the tea Sunday 19th Nov. at 1pm - 3:30pm

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Date: Sunday, 19th November 2023, at 1PM - 3:30PM

Location: at Portobello Green Arcade tea shop

We are extremely delighted to have invited ZiYo, a Guqin player to co-host this special tea-drinking event.

The old Chinese phrase says: “The bitterness of tea can clear the heat, and the low and deep sounds of the Guqin can calm the mind” (茶苦可清心,古琴底沉可静心). The Guqin, or qin, a seven-stringed Chinese zither, is one of China’s oldest instruments, with a history dating back about 3000 years. At base, Guqin music can encapsulate or elicit a range of human feeling and can emulate or harmonize with the natural world. 

Tea serves a dual role as both a soothing and invigorating beverage, and it is also an art form where the emptiness of the teapot holds the infinite. In ancient China, literati and scholars had a deep love for Guqin and tea. Playing Guqin and drinking tea became a vivid refection of their lives. Both activities could cultivate a person’s character, temperament, and sentiment, and provide a means to contemplate Buddhism and Taoism, leading to spiritual fulfilment and personal transcendence.  

ZiYois London-based artist who practices his art through traditional Chinese philosophy and aesthetic juxtapose with contemporary vision. He has been passionate about Chinese traditional music instruments since a young kid, and had learnt many instruments, but finally settle with Guqin. He learnt Guqin in his home country Taiwan and visit-and-learn many Guqin players in China. 

Teas that we will drink:

Juyan will specially select some of her best teas to compliment with the Guqin music:

  • Li Shan Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong Tea
  • Phoenix Dan Cong – Man Tang Xiang (100-years-old single tree)
  • Wuyi Mountain Red Tea
  • Wu Yi Rock Tea – Hui Yuan Keng Da Hong Pao

There are only 8 spaces, so please book early. 


Booking fee is non-refundable and cannot be carried forward to another event date or redeemed on products but can be transferred to your friends by email us to confirm.