Ghost Cave Rock Tea Tasting - Sunday 7th July 2024 at 2PM

Date: Sunday 7th July at 2PM - 4PM

Location: in the shop

Many customers ask me which tea is my favourite, and the answer is never simple because there are so many wonderful teas to choose from. However, I can confidently say that Rock Teas are definitely among my favourites, especially living in the UK under wet and cold weather. The robust and mineral-rich taste of Rock Teas give you warm and comfortable feeling, almost like sitting next to the fireplace.  When enjoyed in the summer, these teas can make you sweat a bit, helping to release body heat and promote relaxation.

Over the years, I have collected quite few Rock Teas from some of the best locations of Wu Yi Mountain, such as Ghost Cave.  It is one of the origin places of tea trees in Wuyi Mountain, and the "Fujian Provincial Tea Tree Superior Germ-plasm Resource Protection Zone". Ghost Cave (Gui Dong in Chinese) is not an actual cave but rather a valley with an excellent ecological environment. The valley is narrow and long from low to high along the northwest direction, hidden between the Flame Peak of Pouring Water Pit and Eagle Mouth Rock of Hui Yuan Keng (倒水坑火焰峰和慧苑坑鹰嘴岩). It is said that when it rains, the entire valley is shrouded in mist, which is why it is named "Ghost Cave." This area has many old tea trees and a very rich variety of species.

We will taste three Rock Teas from the Ghost Cave:

  • Old Bush Shui Xian: There are a small number of Shui Xian tea plants that are cultivated manually in the past.  
  • Bu Zhi Chun: "不知春" literally translates to "not knowing spring is here". These tea bushes typically grow in the shade of cliffs where the temperature is much lower, making them less aware of the arrival of spring.
  • Qi Zhong: Locally referred to as "Cai Cha" or "vegetable tea," this "strange species" is renowned for its irregular, ever-changing leaves and shapes, making it almost impossible to find two identical tea trees. Due to cross-pollination, the Qi Zhong species is highly influenced by its environment, resulting in an ever-changing aroma and flavor. It is the source of many revered Wuyi rock tea varieties, offering a universe of complexity.

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