Shui Jin Gui

Our elegant and sumptuous Shui Jin Gui or ‘Golden Water Turtle’ Wu Yi Tea has a floral and fruity aroma and caramel sweet with a bit of spice thrown in flavour. The mineral notes will show more with subsequent brews, especially in the aftertaste. 

Shui Jin Gui is one of the four original and famous varietals of Wu Yi Rock Tea. It is also one of the bushes were originally found on the slopes of the Gezhai Peak in Niulan Keng, Wuyi Mountain. Because the tea leaves grow very thickly and the surface of the leaves glitter under the sunlight, it looks like a golden turtle swimming in water, thus the name of Shui Jin Gui was given to these bushes. The teas are harvested in the middle of May every year, two to three leaves are plucked, fresh leaves are deep green with a bit redness. 


Wu Yi Mountain, Fujian Province, China


Handed picked in April 2023. Leaves were then carefully sun-withered, partially oxidised and then dried leaving aside for sorting. Stems were removed, only the dark twisted leaves were used for the final product and these leaves were carefully roasted over charcoal for twice over 2-month time. The tea will slowly develop richer flavour and more creamy texture after one year of resting. 


Soft water | 100°C | Leaf to water ratio: 2g per 100ml | Brewing for 1 -2 minutes

I would strongly recommend to use Gong Fu Cha brewing method which will bring the full strength of tea. 

Gong Fu Cha Brewing: 

 - Soft water | 100°C | Leaf to water ratio: 8g per 100ml

 - Warm all tea wares with boiling water

 - 1st - 3rd steep: 20 seconds; 4th: 40 seconds; 5th: 1 min; 6th: 1 min 20 secs; 7th: 1 min 40 secs. 

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