Jasmine Pearls (2023 Spring Harvested)

Our sweet and fragrant Jasmine Pearls have been scented 5 time over a period of 1 month to produce a heady aroma of fresh Jasmine blossom.  The underlying Green Tea is smooth and bright but what really gets you is the wonderful, fragrant and bright Jasmine floral aroma and taste that lasts for many infusions. The tea is a big seller.

Jasmine Pearls are a Green Tea that have been scented with fresh jasmine flowers. There are two main steps to make this tea.  Firstly, a young bud and sprig is picked in April from bushes that are commonly used to make White Tea. The opened tea leaves are removed, processed as a Green Tea, and then hand rolled into a pearl shape and then dried. The dried rolled leaves or ‘pearls’ are then set aside until summer when the jasmine flowers come into season. The second step is to scent the Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers.  Jasmine flowers are hand-picked in the middle of the day just before the flower opens and the fresh flowers are transported to the factory and mixed in with the already picked and processed Green Tea (1kg of tea with 1kg of flowers).  The Green tea is left to absorb the flavour and aroma of the jasmine flowers for 10-12 hours. The jasmine flowers are then removed and the pearls are dried. After waiting for 3 to 4 days until the Pearls are totally cold, the scenting process is repeated for many times until reaching to its requirements. 

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