2021 Big Buddha Dragon Well

Our exquisite Dragon Well Green Tea (or Da Fo Long Jing in Chinese) Big Buddha has delicate, pan-fried yellowish green leaves that yield a refreshing, clear golden liquid with a sweet and round aroma. This Dragon Well Green Tea produces a warm and nutty flavour with hints of toasted sesame seeds with an underlining savoury character. The texture is smooth and silky, and this tea leaves a long lasting mellow aftertaste with a slight dry finishing.

Dragon Well and this Da Fo Long Jing in particular comes from Xiang Chang County in Zhejiang province, China. It is grown at an altitude of 400m and is farmed far away from any industrial hazards and pollution. We have personally selected this Dragon Well Da Fo Long Jing because of its highly skilled Tea Master producers that have generation of knowledge passed down to them and the climate it is grown in.

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