Wu Yi Rock Tea - Hui Yuan Keng - Da Hong Pao - Big Red Robe

Our remarkable and high regarded Hui Yuan Keng Da Hong Pao has a deep, sweet and warm aroma with a hint of woody and dark chocolate notes.  The remarkably well-balanced taste reveals scents of wide flowers and the moss that grows on the rocks where this tea is grown with the layered mineral character due to growing in the rocky soil of the Wuyi Mountains. The finish is a bittersweet aftertaste and a silky mouth feel.

Da Hong Pao is one of the four mains varietals found in the Wu Yi Mountains and is the most famous Oolongs in China.  This particular Da Hong Pao is grown in Hui Yuan Keng which is one of the top three Zheng Yan regions (or inner area) of the Wu Yi Mountains. Hui Yuan Keng is also one the original homes to countless tea cultivars because of its unique micro-climate created by the numerous mountain cliffs, peaks and caves that provide a perfect environment for trees to grow.