SHENG PUER - 2016 Meng Hai Nature Tea Garden Raw

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We are very happy to introduce this delicious and refreshing Raw Puer (Pu-Erh) that was harvested in April 2016.  The tea has been stored in our shop since then. The tea has a very rich and broad drinking feeling with a sweet flavour that is creamy and soft. This tea is perfect for mid-day drinking. 

For some of you might have tried our 2016 Loose leaf Raw Puer (Mao Cha), this is the same tea but it has been compressed in to a round cake shape.  As the tea is compressed, it will taste slightly more mature than the loose leaf version, but it still has strong fresh aroma with hint of young leaves notes. 

The tea is from a very natural environment and harvested from 150 to 300 years old tea trees that offers strong body, bold taste and a three dimensional sensation on the palate.

This cake would also be good choice to appreciate a young Raw Puer tea's character, but it would also be a great choice for ageing to mature the taste further. 

Tasting notes on 19th May 2020 (a sunny and hot day): after 4 years of ageing, the tea has lost its sharp fresh and green notes and developed its honey like sweetness with golden liquor. The aroma is like smelling the dried apricots. The sweet after taste is lingering in the mouth and throat for quite long time with slight dryness and astringency.  The tea is very refresh to have for the hot day. 

Brewing tips: 

Using boiling water.  

For a normal way of brewing, using 2g leaves for 100ml of water, brewing for about 2-3 minutes. 

For Gong Fu Tea brewing, using 5g for 100ml water, brewing for 10 seconds for the first few brews, then increasing the brewing time to your taste. 

Make sure using boiling water to heat the teapot up first to ensure water temperature remaining as hot as possible while brewing, and rinsing the leaves with boiling water for about 10 seconds to allow the tea leaves to loosen up before the 1st brewing.  

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