Phoenix Dan Cong - Old Bush Honey Orchid

Our Old Bush Honey Orchid Phoenix is exceptionally special, expertly crafted and is one of my favourite Phoenix Oolongs’ that I have found so far during my 10 plus years of tea sourcing trips. Naturally fruity, peachy and floral with a slightly earthy undertone of small tree branches with round and deep mouth feel.

The tea liquor is bright and light orange in colour, almost like peach juice or plum juice. The Initial infusion is light and clear with a gentle sweetness that coats the mouth; During later infusions, the liquor gets more thick in taste and returns to an upcoming aromatic flavour that lingers for a long time after drinking as if you are having a spoonful of wild honey with fruity sweetness and floral notes.

This is a tea for enthusiasts who enjoy a delicate flavour yet a deeper depth, a rounder fullness and more lingering sweetness, this tea is serious stuff and should be on your list to try.

Our Old Bush Honey Orchid Phoenix  also known as Lao Cong Mi Lan Xiang is produced in extremely small batches of leaves from special bushes individually processed by a very skilfully master, the tea has been re-roasted for twice after one year of settlement at low fire for reaching the enough depth.