Keemun Tea

Our Keemun Black Tea or Red Tea has a satisfying rich and fruity flavour with hints of orange peel and dried prunes. The woody underlining note has a slightly spicy twist reminiscent of shiitake mushrooms, making this a wonderfully balanced Black/Red Tea that pleases tea traditionalists as well as adventurers.

Our Keemun Tea is made of small, tightly curled black tea leaves that release a lovely red colour when brewed. This is a full bodied cup that can be enjoyed with or without milk and sugar.

Keemun is one of the most popular Black/Red Teas in the Western world. Coming from Anhui province in China, this tea was first introduced to the UK in 1875 when it contributed to a new wave in the popularity of black tea. Keemun Tea is one of the ingredients of the higher quality English Breakfast tea blends, and it is often consumed on its own as a breakfast style tea.

In China and other East Asian countries Black Tea is known as Red Tea which refers to the colour of the infusion and the wet tea leaves. 

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