Special Tea Tasting: Master Yang's White Tea from Zhenghe

Date: Thursday 17th August at 3pm - 5pm

Location: in the shop

The highest quality white tea primarily sourced from the high mountain areas of Fuding, Zhenghe and Jianyang in Fujian Province, China.  These regions boast favourable climate conditions, soil quality, and high elevations, all of which positively influence the growth and quality of tea leaves. While many of you may have already tried out White Teas from Fuding, we are thrilled to introduce you to the White Teas from Zhenghe, crafted by Master Yang Feng, for this special tasting event. 

During the event, Juyan and her dearest tea expert friend from China Mr. Shu Song, a renowned tea connoisseur, will present you four of Master Yang Feng’s white teas:

  • The King of White Peony (2023 Spring harvested) – the highest quality of White Peony, which only contain one bud and one leaf.
  • The King of White Peony (2017 Spring harvested)
  • Wild-Growth White Tea (2021 Spring harvested)
  • Ten-years-old Aged Shou Mei (2013 Spring harvested)

Master Yang Feng is one of the China’s foremost experts in white tea production and the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Zhenghe White Tea production techniques and Zhenghe Gongfu Red Tea production techniques. He believes that a person is like a tea leaf and can only improve oneself through patient natural withering and drying processes.

Besides being a farmer, Master Yang runs his tea company, “Rong He”. In his white tea production process, he emphasizes the importance of “adhere to timing”. He believes that tea leaves come from nature, and their processing should follow their natural essence and be done in accordance with natural laws. The traditional withering process is usually based on a 72-hour benchmark, which can be slightly adjusted depending on weather conditions. For instance, if the weather is sunny, the withering time can be slightly reduced, and it its cloudy, it may be extended. Additionally, Master Yang constantly explores and improves his tea processing techniques, seeking ways to achieve higher value.

    There are only 6 spaces, so please book early. 


    Booking fee is non-refundable and cannot be carried forward to another event date or redeemed on products but can be transferred to your friends by email us to confirm.  

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