Wu Yi Rock Tea - Shui Xian

Our Shui Xian Wu Yi Rock Tea is delightful with a smooth brown sugar and caramel sweetness and a mildly floral character.  The brown sugar sweetness is particularly noticeable in the aftertaste. The aroma is one of cocoa, honey and pine. Shui Xian is one of the oldest single tea bush varietals found in Fujian Province, and is very suitable for making Oolong teas. 

Shui Xian bushes have very large leaves compared to other bushes and are very resilient to temperatures and easy to grow. Both Shui Xian and Rou Gui are the most predominant bushes that are grown in the Wu Yi Mountain region producing large quantities of Rock teas and both teas holds up around 60% of the total rock teas. As a result of this, there can be huge differences in grades and the price.

Our Shui Xian is grown in a tea garden that is located on the edge of Wu Yi Mountain and gives nice flavour fills the mouth with a lingering aftertaste.  It is a great tea for new Rock Oolong Tea drinkers because of its floral fragrance and soft taste.