Taiwan Alishan High Mountain - Lightly Oxidized

Our delectable Ali Shan Oolong Tea has strong and beautiful floral notes of lily and orchid. The taste is fascinatingly complex with a fruit and floral flavour with a very smooth, creamy texture that covers the palate leaving a long lasting sweet aftertaste. The hand rolled leaves slowly open up over many infusions and produce a vibrant and clear yellow liquid. This is a lightly oxidised Oolong. Our Alishan Oolong Tea is processed at a low temperature to maintain the original flavour of the tea.

Ali Shan is a famous High Mountain Oolong Tea from Taiwan and is highly regarded for its floral and creamy character. All Oolong tea that comes from the vast area of Ali Shan bears the same famous name, but the quality varies significantly. Our Ali Shan tea is grown at altitude of 1600m in Ali Shan, Chiayi County, Taiwan, where the balance of humidity, temperature and sunlight is perfect for producing tea of outstanding quality. High altitude means longer winters and a larger temperature difference between the day and the night, which results in slower growth and more time for the tea leaves to develop their superb and complex flavour.

Ali Shan is a very refreshing and reviving tea, great at moments when a fresh dose of energy is needed. This is also a very versatile tea that can be prepared in gong-fu style as well as by simply infusing the leaves in a mug.