The Making of a Yixing Teapot - Live Demonstration

The Making of a Yixing Teapot - Live Demonstration 
Presented by Juyan Webster and Zhou Shu Yuan - the Yixing Teapot maker (Zi Sha Hu)

DATE: Sun, 21 May 2023, 10:00–12:00 BST

Online (English) - Zoom links will be shared before the event 

This unique event will be hosted by Juyan and Zhou Shu Yuan, live from China. Many of you already have one or many of her teapots.  I would like to use this opportunity to introduce you the artist and how she makes such beautiful teapots. I will translate and explain the process by which these extraordinary pots are made. 

About Zhou Shu Yuan
Zhou Shu Yuan was born into a ceramics family. Her mother Dong Ya Fang is a famous Zi Sha potter. After finishing university, Shu Yuan returned home and started her formal ceramics education and became her mother’s main apprentice. Under her mother's watchful eye, she developed her skills and her own style. Both her work and her mother’s work have been selected for display in museums across China as well as abroad. 

About Yixing Teapots
Yixing teapots are a traditional pot used in Chinese tea brewing, made from Yixing "purple clay". They date back hundreds of years, but remain one of the most important elements in fine tea making today. These unique pots not only look extraordinary, made in every shape imaginable: from simple egg-shaped forms to highly decorative creatures and patterns, but they also reveal outstanding characteristics of your tea and make your tea drinking experience more refined and exciting.

This event is ideal for anyone who wishes to know about Yixing teapots: whether you are already a Yixing addict with a different pot for every tea, and want to gain a deeper understanding of your collection, or if you are a complete novice and thinking about acquiring your first Yixing pot. 


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