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Wu Yi Rock Tea - Shui Xian

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Quick Overview:

Type: Oolong Tea
Origin: Fujian Province, China
Harvest: End of April 2015
Tea leaves: 3 slightly open leaves
Taste: A sweet caramel-like scent, woody smokiness, mildly floral character with brown sugar sweetness

Weight: 50g


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Wuyi Shui Xian is one of the most accessible Wuyi teas in the market, and it is commonly found on Chinese restaurants’ menus. The name of this tea means “Sacred Lilly” or “Water Goddess”, and as all our Wuyi rock teas, also Wuyi Shui Xian comes from the Wuyi Mountains in the North-West of Fujian Province, China. The rock teas (or Yan Cha in Chinese) are famous for their mineral character that comes from growing in the rocky soil of Wuyi Mountains.

The large, twisted leaves of Wuyi Shui Xian yield a golden brown infusion with a sweet caramel-like scent. The woody smokiness of the roasting is balanced out by the mildly floral character of this tea, and the brown sugar sweetness that is particularly noticeable in the aftertaste. This Wuyi tea is a bold and deep oolong, excellent to be served with a meal or chocolate-rich desserts. Due to the warming potency of Wuyi Shui Xian, it is perfect for the cold season as an every-day tea.

Our Wuyi oolongs are prepared by the Master Wu family. We’ve chosen this tea producer because of their highly skilled and authentic technique and the many years of experience in tea production.

Brewing Instructions:

Normal Brewing Method

Water Temperate: 100 ºC
Tea quantity: 3g tea leaves in a 350ml cup
Steep time: at least 1 minute.
Infusions: about 5 times – don't remove the leaves from the mug, as once the water level is low, simply add more water and keep going until the flavour of the tea is gone

Gong-Fu Cha Brewing Method

Brewing Parameters:
Vessel size: 90ml - 250ml
Tea quantity: 3/4 Vol. of vessel capacity
Water temperate: 100 ºC

Brewing Time:
Pre-heat your tea vessel with boiling water, discard water before putting tea in. Add the tea leaves to the heated vessel. Add boiling water to the leaves until tea vessel overflows. Discard water immediately, this is to rinse and heat the tea leaves before the 1st brew. 

1st steep - 5s
2nd steep - 5s
3rd steep - 5s
4th steep - 10s
5th steep - 30s
6th steep - as desired 

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