Wuyi Rock Tea - Heaven Scent

Heaven Scent (香破天) is one of tea bush varietals in Wu Yi Mountain for making Rock Tea.  This varietal is named its strong fragrance and strong, robust flavour. If you love Rock Tea's bitter and sweet character, then this tea will be yours to try. 


Zheng Yan - Hui Yuan Keng, Wu Yi Mountain, Fujian Province, China


Handed picked in April 2020. Leaves were then carefully sun-withered, partially oxidised and then dried leaving aside for sorting. Stems were removed, only the dark twisted leaves were used for the final product and these leaves were carefully roasted over charcoal for twice over 2-month time. The tea will slowly develop richer flavour and more creamy texture after one year of resting. 


Strong and sharp aroma with hints of almond skin, floral notes would show out on the 3rd brew, and then woody notes in the end.  The flavour is strong and powerful with thick texture.  From the first sip, there is a bitterness like from the almond skin, then the sweetness appears in the middle.  In the end of tea session, the body feel very energetic.


Soft water | 100°C | Leaf to water ratio: 2g per 100ml | Brewing for 1 -2 minutes

I would strongly recommend to use Gong Fu Cha brewing method which will bring the full strength of tea. 

Gong Fu Cha Brewing: 

 - Soft water | 100°C | Leaf to water ratio: 8g per 100ml

 - Warm all tea wares with boiling water

 - 1st - 3rd steep: 20 seconds; 4th: 40 seconds; 5th: 1 min; 6th: 1 min 20 secs; 7th: 1 min 40 secs.