Wuyi Rock Tea - Rou Gui

Our Rou Gui Wuyi Rock tea has a golden-brown infusion has a warm and sweet character with a cassia bark like aroma.  The woody smokiness of the roasting is balanced out by the warmed sugar and honey notes that are particularly noticeable in the aftertaste. Don’t forget to smell the lid of your teapot after making a brew – the sweet aroma will be more concentrated there. Later infusions will have a gentler and sweeter, light floral aroma.

Rou Gui is one of the local tea bush varieties used for making Wu Yi Rock Tea and was discovered over one hundred years ago.  Rou Gui acquired its name from the Chinese cinnamon plant (‘Rougui’ in Chinese) due to its warm Chinese cinnamon like aroma. Just like other Rock Teas from Master Wu, this Rou Gui has been baked in a traditional way with heat from charcoal blocks.