Wu Yi Rock Tea - Hui Yuan Keng - Rou Gui

This high-quality Rou Gui is fully handmade, traditionally charcoal-roasted for several times to reach its best result. The tea comes from Hui Yuan Keng 慧苑坑- a location of Zheng Yan terroir (true cliff) of the Wu Yi protected nature reserve. Produced in 2018, we have waited 2 years before offering this for sale so that the charcoal roast is subsided and let the oxidisation of the tea reach to its right level, tea will yield sweet flavour and be in harmony with the roast.


Hui Yuan Keng, Wu Yi Mountain, Fujian Province, China

Harvest time and processing

One stem with 4 matured leaves were plucked in the late April 2018. Leaves were then carefully sun-withered, partially oxidised and then dried leaving aside for sorting. Stems were removed, only the dark twisted leaves were used for the final product and these leaves were carefully roasted over charcoal for three times over the period of 6-month time.

Taste notes

Deep, smooth, rich, grounding, sweet wood taste. Stunning aroma with distinctive fresh cinnamon and elegant fresh herbs notes, a notable dryness in the top notes that set it apart – the scent of an old growth forest as the sun shines down on its understory, its heat releasing the aroma of green fern and velvety moss carpeting fallen trees.  Long lasting aftertaste with layers of mineral and sweet flavours.

Brewing notes

Soft water | 100°C | Leaf to water ratio: 2g per 100ml | Brewing for 1 -2 minutes
I would personally prefer to use Gong Fu Cha brewing method which will bring the full strength of tea. 

Gong Fu Cha Brewing: 

 - Soft water | 100°C | Leaf to water ratio: 2g per 100ml

 - Warm all tea wares with boiling water

 - 1st brew for 30 seconds | 2nd to 4th brew for 10 seconds | 5th onwards for 20 or more seconds to your taste.