SHU PUER - 2012 "Yuan Bao Zi"

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Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China


Tea trees age: 200-300 years old Camellia Sinensis Assamica

Spring harvested tea leaves were processed, sun-dried and then fermented over 240 days in 2012, then the loose Shu Puer was stored in the factory for a year before being compressed in 2017.


This Shu Puer tea was undergoing slow fermentation method for the period of 240 days under very strict temperature control. As a result, the tea liquor becomes transparent and bright, the flavour is similar to the taste of the aged raw puer tea with long and lingering aftertaste.

Colour: deep amber red liquor

Aroma: freshly cooked sticky rice aroma with light herbal medicinal notes

Mouthfeel: ripe fruity sweetness, feel very lively in the mouth with cooling effect on the surface of the tongue.

Throat: 陈甜aging sweet aftertaste

Body feel: feel warming up the stomach.

How To Brew:100˚C, warm up the teapot properly before brewing. Using 5g for 100ml water, rinsing the tea, many infusions.  

About “Yuan Bao Zi” tea company and their tea garden:

“Yuan Bao Zi” tea company was founded in Kunming in 2008 by several enthusiasts who are fascinated by the ancient tea trees. Only the old tea tress which are over 200 years old with 30cm diameter are selected to produce tea. The company adheres to the traditional craftsmanship and specializes in the production of ancient tree tea with unique mountain charm. Follow the sharing concept with tea enthusiasts who love the ancient tea trees enjoy the pure and pollution-free original teas and the meditation of the Buddha.

The tea garden is a naturally farmed tea garden/forest where the tea trees are grown as a part of the surrounding ecology and it is independent from human involvement. The tea trees are planted in the forest randomly and mixed with other wild plants and the soil is totally covered with fern plants. Tea grows very slowly due to no fertilizer. As a result, tea will accumulate higher concentration of minerals and polyphenols. It gives very long lasting aftertaste, soft drinking feeling and stronger flavour. The naturally farmed tea gives another dimension of tasting experience.