SHENG (RAW) PUER - 2022 Nan Nuo Mountain Dou Yi Village Gushu

Nan Nuo Mountain Gu Shu Raw Puer, imbued with the aroma of wild mountains, is both delightful to drink now and perfect for ageing, promising a vast potential for transformation – the older it gets, the more complex it becomes. This tea is crafted exclusively with single-origin materials harvested from 100 to 400-year-old trees at Mr. Tian Peng’s family tea garden located in Duo Yi Village on Nan Nuo Mountain.

There are over 30 villages on Nan Nuo Mountain, and Duo Yi Zhai situated at the highest elevation.  The ecological conditions in Duo Yi Zhai are excellent, with many ancient tea forests hidden deep within the dense mountain forests. The tea trees are sheltered by the surrounding tall trees, the ancient tea trees grow freely, with deep roots and lush leaves.

The teas has been stored for 1 year in loose-leaf form in Nan Nuo Mountain, it has already lost its green taste and has already developed honey-like sweetness and the complexity flavour. 

TASTING NOTES (in Sep. 2023)

Soon you open the wrapping paper, the tea cake gives you elegant yet strong fragrance like orchid and honey, with a subtle lotus-like aroma.  Its flavour is intensely robust and incredibly fulfilling, paired with a subtle and tranquil fragrance.  The clear notes of sweetness are complemented by a profound wild mountain essence, offering a never-ending experience of nature’s bounty. 

If the tea is slight over-brewed, it will show some bitter and astringency but still won't be overpowering other flavours. 

ORIGIN: Duo Yi Village, Nan Nuo Mountain, Meng Hai County, Xishuangbana, Yunnan Province

ELEVATION: 1650 – 1810 meter

HARVEST: April 2022

PLUCKING AND PROCESSING: 1 bud and 2 – 3 leaves were picked from Da Ye Zhong (Camellia Sinensis Assamica), processed and sundried in 2022.  The tea has been kept in loose form on Nan Nuo Mountain.  Teas was compressed in May 2023 after Juyan purchased.


Normal Approach: Boiling water | 1g for 100ml water | infuse for 3 mins | multiple infuses.

Gong Fu Approach: 

Water temperature: 95°C ~ 100°C

Leaves to water ratio: 7g tea leaves for 120ml water.

Rinsing the leaves (about 15 secs) to allow the leaves to be moisturized.

1 - 3 infusions: steep for 8 seconds after pouring water.

4 – 7 infusions: steep for 15 seconds after pouring water.

7 - 12 infusions: the brewing time can be extended by 15 - 30 seconds.

Over 12 infusions: the brewing time can be extended by 1 minute.