SHENG (RAW) PUER - 2022 Wu Liang Mountain Gushu


Wu Liang Mountain, Puer City, Yunnan Province, China


500 – 600 years old tea trees growing in natural forest, Yunnan large-leave cultivar


April 2022. A young shoot with one bud and 3 leaves were plucked and ots were carefully hand-picked and sun-dried.


This tea is highly aromatic with hints of orchid and gentle nature honey aroma. Although this is a young raw puer, it has full and thick body in the mouth but no harshness and give you a persistent warmth and silky mouth feel with slight bitterness and astringency but well balance with the sweetness, similar to green grapes skin.  After drinking few cups, the vibrant aroma fills in your whole mouth and vegetable like sweetness lingering one your palate. It brews many infusions and finish smoothly, never dropping off suddenly due to its nature growing environment and deep roots statement.


The body feeling is very refreshing and energetic but relaxing at the the same time.  


This tea is made entirely from spring harvest, young and tender tip and 2 leaves were picked from Gu Shu (old tea trees) arrange from 500 - 600 years. These Gui Shu are growing naturally on steep hillsides and ridge among the natural forest.  These tea gardens are arguably some of the remotest tea gardens in all of Wu Liang Mountain. Lack of roads and access has kept the environment of this area in good condition.  The farmers are only access to the tea garden during the harvest time in spring and the trees are left for their natural growth, never over-picking.  

If you would like to find out how a young Sheng Puer tea would change its flavour over the time, this tea would be a good candidate.  Young Sheng Puer would change its flavour noticeably every tree month, to buy a whole case with 5 cakes would be good quantity for you to keep.  And also the whole case is wrapped with bamboo leave which would provide the protection during the storage. 


Normal Approach: 

Boiling water | 1g for 100ml water | infuse for 3 mins | multiple infuses

Gong Fu Approach:

Water temperature: 95ºC

Leaves to water ratio: 8g for 100ml

Rinsing the leaves (about 5 secs) to allow the leaves to open 

1st - 3rd steep:  for 30 secs

4th - 6th steep: for 40 secs

7th and onwards steep: for 50 seconds or longer to suit your taste 

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