SHENG (RAW) PUER - 2022 Lao Man E GuShu


Lao Man E Village, Bu Lang Mountain, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China


Tea trees are range from 500 - 800-years-old tea trees growing in natural forest, Yunnan large-leave cultivar


April 2022. A young shoot with one bud and 3 leaves were plucked and ots were carefully hand-picked and sun-dried.


This tea has extremely complex with superb depth and long lasting flavours filling whole room with amazing scent. The initial flavour has strong bitterness and a gentle astringency that hits the tongue before encouraging lots of saliva. The taste of minerals, forest flavours and its especial bitterness then become prominent before melting in a sweet after taste that lingering the back of the mouth and throat. 


This tea is made entirely from spring harvest, young and tender tip and 2 leaves were picked from Gu Shu (old tea trees) arrange from 500 - 800 years. The Lao Man E teas are characterised by an unusual, naturally occurring phenomenon where one side of the village produces sweet teas and the other bitter ones due to the difference of the soil type and nuances in the cultivars that grow there.  Our Lao Man E tea is from the bitter side of the village where even the bamboo shoot and vegetable taste bitter.  


Normal Approach: 

Boiling water | 1g for 100ml water | infuse for 1 mins | multiple infuses

Gong Fu Approach:

Water temperature: 95ºC

Leaves to water ratio: 5g for 100ml

Rinsing the leaves (about 5 secs) to allow the leaves to open 

1st - 3rd steep:  for 20 secs

4th - 6th steep: for 40 secs

7th and onwards steep: for 50 seconds or longer to suit your taste