SHENG (RAW) PUER - 2015 Hua Zhu Liang Zi Gushu Raw Puer 200g

Hua Zhu Liang Zi is the name of the mountain which it is the highest peak in Xishuangbanna autonomous prefecture.  "Hua Zhu" means smooth bamboo because there are many bamboos growing on the mountain, all of which are wild bamboos with long and smooth looking.  Liang Zi means peak (liang zi means peak or ridge). It is one of the tea growing areas in 'Menghai Mengsong' and is the highest peak in Xishuangbanna.

The tea garden is located in the middle of west slop of the Hua Zhu Liang Zi at an altitude of 1650m - 2100m.  This tea was harvested in the spring of 2015 and has been stored in Yunnan until we purchased it in 2022.  The tea leaves are relatively small comparing to other pure teas, the whole cake looks very glossy and shine with dark red, brown and silver colour. 

Tasting notes in Dec. 2022: Once you open the cake, the fragrance of dry leave has sweet floral notes (not sure how name it), with the scent of mountain forest and dried wild plants and lively earthy aroma of ageing. The first impression of the taste if you brew it light, it will give very nice honey sweet flavour, but if you do with Gong Fu style with 8g/100ml, it's more like intensive honey sweetness but with nice amount of bitterness as well. It has round, smooth and thick mouthfeel.  The fragrance stays in the mouth and between teeth.  Lingering notes of jujubes or dates. 

ORIGIN: Hua Zhu liang Zhi, MengSong County, Xishuangbana, Yunnan Province

ELEVATION: 1650 - 2100m

HARVEST: April 2015

PLUCKING AND PROCESSING: 1 bud and 2 – 3 leaves were picked from Da Ye Zhong (Camellia Sinensis Assamica). This tea has been aged in Yunnan until 2022. 


Using boiling water.  

For a normal way of brewing, using 2g leaves for 100ml of water, brewing for about 2-3 minutes. 

For Gong Fu Tea brewing, using 5g for 100ml water, begin with a 10-15  seconds for the first few brews, then increasing with each successive brew to your taste. 

Make sure using boiling water to heat the teapot up first to ensure water temperature remaining as hot as possible while brewing, and rinsing the leaves with boiling water very quickly to allow the tea leaves to loosen up and rehydrate before the 1st brew. 

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