Nannuo Old Tree Yunnan Red

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The raw leaves were collected from old tea trees that are arranged from 100 to 200 years old. The tea trees grow at the altitude of 1800m in Nannuo Mountain range located at Menghai County.

The tea bushes are large leaves variety that are usually used to make Puer tea, but instead, tealeaves were fully oxidized and then applied the drying technique used for producing Sheng Puer Tea. After the oxidation stage the tealeaves were spread in a thin layer on ta bamboo try, and let it dry under the sun. Sun drying the leaves takes less time and makes the flavour of the finished product richer and more intense more importantly the tea will be able to matured over the time similar to Sheng Puer Tea.

I purchased this red tea in April 2015 right after they were harvested and the flavour was very light with nice floral notes but a bit thin and weak at the time.  I have stored the tea in London since; both flavour and aroma have been developed much stronger.  Also due to the old age of tea tree growing high mountain environment, tea trees grow very slow, the tealeaves contain higher polyphenols and mineral than the ones growing in low attitude area.  As a result, tea would be able to develop very strong after taste with depth in flavour and very thick body.  Its favour remains on our throat and sweetness lingers for a long time. It has strong Qi, it is thick and very smooth and it is very enjoyable to drink. 

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