Lu An Gua Pian "Melon Seed" Green Tea

Liu An Gua Pian or Liu An Melon Seed, its name is derived from the flat and oval shape of the processed tea leaves which resemble a melon seed. Liu An Gua Pian is the only non-bud tea and is made from a single leaf with no bud. The stalk and tip has been removed after picking. The young tea leaves are pan-fried and shaped by a brush.

Tasting Notes
Gua Pian is umami, buttery, and creamy with a soft sugary undertone. This complex tea offers dynamic possibilities with varied brewing methods. When shaken vigorously, the tea will foam up and yield a super creamy texture. The comprehensive profile of umami, grassy, floral, and gentle sweetness reminds us of a combination of matcha and gyokuro.
Liu An County, Anhui Province, at an altitude of 550 to 680 meters.
Fully handmade from early spring 2023. Young and opened leaves were hand-picked, fully hand rolled and then processed.

Water temperate: 85°C (Boil water to 100°C then wait about 5 mins for it to cool down).
Leaf to water ratio: 1g per 100ml.
Brewing time: About 2 minutes.
Tips: Increasing the leaf to water ratio if you prefer to shorten the infusion time or for stronger taste. Also to adjust the water temperature, increasing the temperature for better aromatic qualities. 
Recommended Water: Try to use natural mineral water.