Tie Guan Yin - Red Heart

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This premium Tie Guan Yin tea is named as the "Red Heart" variety because when the new shoots have deep red colour looking like a heart shape and the red will slowly disappear when the leaves turning mature.  "Red Heart" variety is one the oldest tea bushes for making Tie Guan Yin, they grow one of the highest tea mountains in inner Anxi County. Part of our signature collection of light & fragrant (or Qing Xiang) Tie Guan Yin Oolongs since the shop is opened.  

The Red Heart tea is very carefully processed by local families to provide for beautiful flavours, light but complex aromas and wonderful tea liquor.   

HARVEST TIME:  Autumn harvest - October 2021 

ORIGIN: Inner Anxi County, Fujian Province, China

Tie Guan Yin leaf is only plucked when the leaf is grown-up and matured and this leaf becomes very big and thick.  There are two harvest seasons – May for spring harvest and October for Autumn harvest – the flavour of each season is unique. The plucked leaf (the top 3 – 4 open leaves with a stem) will be withered under sun for a short time and then moved to indoor for oxidization and rolling process forms tight pellets and create a complex range of flavours which slowly emerge when brewed. Tea then is dried and finally the stem will be removed by hand one by one.

PackagingThis tea is individually vacuum packed in a small foil bags that each contains 8g of tea. Each tin contains 8 x 8g foil bags.

Brewing:  2g for 100ml | 1st brew for 2 minutes, 2nd brew for 1 minutes, 3rd onward 2 minutes or longer to your taste. 

Or you could try to use Gong Fu Cha Brewing, which will give you ore concentrated aroma and flavour so that you can notice the fine detail more and enjoy the fresh and original flavour from each brew. 

Water: soft water

Water temperature: 100°C 

Leaf to water ratio: 8g for 180ml water, using Gaiwan or Yixing Teapot

Preheat the tea wares before brewing. 

Brewing time: 1st brew for about 20 seconds; 2nd to 3rd brew for about 10 seconds; 4th onwards for 30 seconds or longer to your taste. 

 Tips: Please remove the lid while you are waiting for subsequent brewing. Tea leaf will be over steamed and get oxidised if the lid is not removed.

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