2021 Anji Bai Cha - Aromatic Spiral

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This tea is growing in on the highest peak of the hilly mountains area in An Ji County and blanketed in bamboo forest.  The young leaves were the first picking of the year which representing the most pure and sweet of the variety’s character. Instead of the usual An Ji Bai Cha shape, this tea’s leaves are then carefully hand-processed and rolled in to nicely spiral shape to create deeper taste.

As you are brewing the teas, the curled leaves will slowly open and reveal its pale jade colour which is the unique character of Bai Ye cultivar because of high amino acid content in the young leaves contributing to the sweetness and calming effect of their infusion. The leaves are at the lightest in colour and richest in amino acids the early spring before temperatures climb above 25 degrees Celsius. Once the temperature warms beyond this point, the leaves of Bai Ye cultivar are noticeable greener and have changed in flavour.

Take time to appreciate the clean, green tea liquor and high fragrance. the young and tender leaves are rich in amino acids creating a mild and slightly sweet flavour that gives you an overall calming feeling.