“Waves Washing the Sand" Yixing Teapot by Zhou Shu Yuan

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Yixing Teapot Style: "Waves Washing the Sand" 浪淘砂紫砂壶

Clay type: Qing Duan Ni 原矿青段泥

Artist: Zhou Shu Yuan

Craft: Fully handmade

Strainer type: 7-hole strainer

Capacity: Approximately 160ml

Dimensions: 11cm (the bottom of the teapot), 6.50cm for the top.

Height without the lid: 6cm

One of newest teapot Zhou Shu Yuan has created under her mother - Dong Ya Fang's contribution and supervision. The bottom of the teapot states with the artist  Zhou Shu Yuan's seal, and her mother's name "亚芳监制“ Ya Fang Supervision on the right hand side, and on the left states ”道洪传人“ means Dao Hong's successor which this is the first time she is allowed to have the name "Dao Hong" to appear on her work. Dao Hong is his first name, the family name is He, He Dao Hong is one the most prominent Yixing pottery artists.  Both Dong Ya Fang and Zhou Shu Yuan learns their pottery skills from He Dao Hong.  

This teapot is made with the Qing Duan Ni which is one of the Duan Ni family.  Duan Ni family is the symbiotic ore of Zi Ni (purple ore clay) and Lu Ni (green ore clay), due to is different mineral ratios and firing temperature, each clay will be classified according to its colour of the fired clay such as Golden Duan Ni, Yellow Duan Ni, Red Duan Ni, Qing Duan Ni and so on.  Under sunlight, you would notice more colour and sparkling light of high concentration of mica. The teapot is beautifully finished with the rough look but very smooth to touch. 

The handle and spout is adorned with the wave style.  Ocean wave crafts all around the bottom of the teapot. The sand looking grainy looks as if it was washed by the strong ocean wave.This teapot can be used to brew many types teas, especially oolong teas and raw puer teas. 

 All our Yixing teapots are fully handmade, we only have one of a kind in stock.  

Please Note:
We have carefully photographed this item as best as possible – please be aware that different device screens can render colours and subtle tones slightly differently. You will notice that the pot shows different colour under different light. 

Preparation Before Use
Yixing Teapots should be prepared before using the first time. This is called "opening the pot". It removes the dust/sand from firing the teapot.

We recommend rinsing the teapot under warm water two or three times, then wipe gently inside and outside of the pot with a new non-scratch sponge scourer to remove sediment trapped in the unglazed clay. 

Then, filling the teapot with boiling water, wait for 10 minutes, empty the pot; repeat one more time, the new Yixing teapot is ready for use.

Daily cleaning and seasoning

Empty the leaves after each use, rinse with boiling water, drain, wipe water away with clean soft cloth, and then lid off, place the body upside, let it air dry for one or two days. 

Do not ever use any detergent or soap than water to clean the pot. 

Do not let the potcome into contact with other strong smell such as cooking fume, cigarette smoke, perfume.