"Vien Pattern Square" Yixing Teapot 250ML

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Teapot style: Vien Pattern Square 四方筋纹

Clay type: Ben Shan Lu Ni (Huang Long Mountain Green Clay) 本山绿泥

Artist: Huang Yu

Craft: Fully handmade

Strainer type: 9-hole strainer

Capacity: 250ml


Height without the lid: 

A beautifully and elegantly teapot fully hand-made by the Huang Yu in 2024 with Ben Shan Lu Ni.  Ben Shan means "original mountain", which refers to Huanglong mountain.  Lu Ni means green clay because the appearance of the ores before they are processed and fired has light green colour. The ores of Lu Ni is found as a thin layer between Zi Ni ores and quartz in Hanglong Mountain. 

The design and creation of vein pattern primarily follows the sinews and textures of plant fruits and petals, which are refined and processed into art. Examples include melon ridges, chrysanthemums, magnolias, and daffodils. The patterns are regular, evenly divided, neatly coordinated, with smooth lines, natural and bright, exhibiting a strong rhythmic beauty. It is one of the most representative, diverse, and influential categories in the art of teapot shaping.

The pot is super smoothly finished with the beautiful flow through the whole pot, and it already shows glossy and silk to the touch, and very easy to hold and pour. 

This pot will be a great one to use for any light flavoured tea such as green and white tea, oolong teas,  also perfect for a young Raw Puer.  I would suggest to avoid brewing Cooked Puer teas as it will give the pot dark colour and leave uneven mark on the pot. 

Only one in stock, so the pot photographed is the pot you will receive.  

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