Moonlight White (Yue Guang Bai)


Si Mao District, Yunnan province, China


Yunnan Jing Gu Da Bai varietal. 

TASTING NOTES (tasted in September 2021)

Feel refreshed  right after the first sip,  and followed by gentle sweetness of dry fruits, spicy notes like mint or other similar herbals with cooling sensation, slight dryness on the tongue. The tea will make you feel very relaxed and almost like have been walking through a conifer forest. 


Harvested in Mach 2021.  A young shoot with 1 bud and 1 or 2 young leaves were plucked and then withered and dried in the shade without direct sunlight.  Moonlight White is good to drink now but also would be excellent for further ageing, the flavour will slowly changing over the coming months and years and become darker and closer in taste to a sweet black tea. For ageing, please keep the tea in an airtight container and store in a cold with room temperature under 30˚C and dry place. 


Yue Guang Bai (月光白) means moonlight white, the name comes from the appearance of dried leaves, which the silver-white colour of buds and outer surface leave and matt black of inner leaves looks like the moonlight in the night. 

Moonlight White is a specialty tea in Yunnan, it is classified as a White Tea because it is processed with the similar methods as White Tea but using Yunnan tea bush varietals, which means that this tea has a very different flavour comparing to Silver Needle or White Peony because they are made with Fuding Da Ba varietals in Fujian province. 


Water temperate: 85°C (Boil water to 100°C then wait about 5 mins for it to cool down).
Leaf to water ratio: 1g per 100ml.
Brewing time: About 2-3 minutes.
Tips: Adjust the leaf to water ratio for lighter or stronger taste.
Recommended Water: Try to use filtered tap water or natural mineral water with TDS under 150. 


Water Temperate: 90°C.
Leaf to water ratio: 5g per 120ml.
Brewing time: About 30 seconds for the 1st brew, 15-20 seconds for 2nd & 3rd brew, then increase 15 seconds for each subsequent brews.  
Tips: Keep the teapot lid open between each brew to allow the hot wet leaves to cool down.
Recommended Water: Try to use filtered tap water or natural mineral water with TDS under 150. 

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