"Shi Piao" Style Yi Xing Teapot

Teapot style: "Shi Piao" Style Yixing Teapot 霸王石瓢紫砂壶

Clay type: Original Ore Aged Purple Clay 原矿红降坡泥

Artist: Zhou Shu Yuan

Craft: Fully handmade

Strainer type: 14-hole strainer

Capacity: 250ml

Length (body only): 9cm

Height without the lid: 6.5cm

The artist Zhou Shu Yuan has really captured many features of the original "De Zhong" pot. The design exudes an atmosphere of grace and stability. The teapot's body is upright, and the lid stands tall, contributing to a sense of grace and ancient refinement. The straight pouring spout extends resolutely, ensuring swift and forceful water flow. The handle is stout and solid, providing a comfortable and sturdy grip. The traditional pressed lid fits seamlessly, ensuring excellent airtightness, while the flat column knob harmonises with the teapot's overall design. 

Jiang Po Ni or “lower slope clay” is named after the site of its discovery. The clay was discovered in the early 1990s while building a road between HuangLong Mountain and QingLong Mountain in Yixing.  While digging to lower slope of the road, workers discovered Zisha ore which has the naturally-occurring mixture of three kinds of Zisha: Hong Ni (red clay), Zi Ni (purple clay) and Duan Ni.  After firing, the Jiang Po Ni shows in the mixture colour of red-purple/brown from Hong Ni and Zi Ni with the small gold particles of Duan Ni. Another important characteristic of Jiang Po Ni is that the clay is relatively more porous than other kind of Zisha which make the pot more breathable.  

The pot is almost ideal to brew any teas especially for any roasted oolongs such as Wu Yi Rock Tea, Phoenix Dan Cong, Traditional Tie Guan Yin, Puer teas and Red teas. 

Only one in stock, so the pot photographed is the pot you will receive.

Please Note:

We have carefully photographed this item as best as possible – please be aware that different device screens can render colours and subtle tones slightly differently.

Preparation Before Use
Yixing Teapots should be prepared before using the first time. This is called "opening the pot". It removes the dust/sand from firing the teapot.

We recommend rinsing the teapot under warm water two or three times, then wipe gently inside and outside of the pot with a new non-scratch sponge scourer to remove sediment trapped in the unglazed clay. 

Then, filling the teapot with boiling water, wait for 10 minutes, empty the pot; repeat one more time, the new Yixing teapot is ready for use.

Daily cleaning and seasoning

Empty the leaves after each use, rinse with boiling water, drain, wipe water away with clean soft cloth, and then lid off, place the body upside, let it air dry for one or two days. 

Do not ever use any detergent or soap than water to clean the pot. 

Do not let the potcome into contact with other strong smell such as cooking fume, cigarette smoke, perfume.