The Best Tea Gift

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While all our products make great gifts, our selection of the finest loose leaf teas and hand crafted tea-wares is tailored for those seeking something especially unique or for those with more adventurous tastes. For the Christmas season Juyan has selected some of the best, perfect for those isn search of something extra special or for those exploring new and unfamiliar flavours.  Additionally, we've included a few teas that are not part of our regular collections, adding an element of surprise and delight to our holiday assortment. 

Our teas come in vibrant caddies and are elegantly wrapped in cotton cloth dyed with natural indigo plant dye. This cloth serves a dual purpose—it not only adds to the aesthetic but can also be utilized as a Cha Bu, functioning as a tea table mat for an enhanced tea-drinking experience. The candies can also be kept for future use. 

Option One: The Aged Tea Explorer
The Aged Tea Explorer is ideal for those who love discovering flavours of aged teas and enjoying new experiences. There are three different teas to tickle your taste buds and warm your heart:
  1. 7-years-old White Peony - 15g.
  2. 24-years-old Mao Xie Hong Oolong – 25g.
  3. 10-years-old Anhua Fu Cha Dark Tea - 25g.
Option Two: The Calming Tea Collection - Green, White and Yellow Tea

The Calming Tea Collection offers a selection of Green, White, and Yellow Tea, curated from three categories, perfect for those who appreciate subtle and gentle flavors, including:
  1. Mo Gan Mountain Snow Buds Green Tea - 30g
  2. Silver Needle White Tea -30g
  3. Meng Ding Huang Ya Yellow Tea - 30g
Option Three: Gushu Single-Tree Raw Puer Teas 

The collection is not in our regular tea selection. All three rare Raw Puer Teas were made in the spring 2021.  Each tea was harvested from a single tall tea tree known as Gao Gan which is one of the largest or tallest trees in the tea garden.  Each tree could only produce few kg of teas, Juyan purchased small quantity of each. They are not enough quantity to sell but we would love to share with you.  Each tin contain 10g of below three teas:

  1. 600-year-old Tall Pole Tree (Gao Gan) from Tong Qing He in Yiwu 易武铜箐河独角兽600年高杆古树单棵生普
  2. Tall Pole Tree (Gao Gan) from Bai Hua Tan in Yiwu 易武白花潭高杆
  3. Small-leaf cultivars known as "Cat's ear" Gushu in Yibang 倚邦猫耳朵古树