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Clay type: Jingdezhen high-firing coarse-grained clay

Artist: Shui Tao

Craft: Fully handmade

Capacity: 200ml

Diameter: 8cm

Height: 6.00cm

This Gong Dao Bei is made with high-firing coarse-grained clay and fired in a wood fire kiln at high-firing temperature. It is glazed both inside and outside, with light green colour and some red colour outside. It is incredibly durable after firing, with no absorption. It also keep the heat better.  The round shape fits in the hands perfectly and make it very easy to pour. 

Gong Dao Bei or fairness jug, is an essential part of gong fu tea preparing that serves to control the strength of the brew. After brewing the tea for a certain amount of time either in a very small teapot such as Yixing/Chaozhou teapot or in a Gaiwan, the tea liquor should be decanted completely into a Gong Dao Bei and from there into smaller tasting cups. Such a method ensures that the tea leaves do not continue to steep between each pour and also allow all participants to drink exactly the same tea.

Only one in stock, so you will receive the Gong Dao Bei as showing in the picture. 

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