Are you a tea enthusiast who would like to learn more about Puer Tea or heard a lot about Puer Tea but still don’t know where to start or too much information that is very confusion? The Puer Tea Masterclass may be just what you are looking for!

This Masterclass covers a wide variety of topics about Puer tea and its origins and how to prepare them. Participations will gain some fundamental knowledge about Puer Tea, the types, the manufacture methods but also a deeper understanding of aging, how to appreciate them properly that will bring some confidence when engaging with Puer tea. Together let’s take your tea passion to the next level!

Course including following topics:

  • Puer Tea history
  • Puer Tea production
  • Puer Tea types
  • About Puer tea aging
  • Puer Tea quality metrics – common faults and buyer mistakes
  • Puer Tea terroir
  • Cultivars
  • Tea components and health Benefits
  • Puer Tea preparation by Gong Fu

During this Masterclass, we will be brewing and tasting the following four teas:

  • 2020 Sheng Puer – Wu Liang Mountain (20g)
  • 2010 Sheng Puer – Bao Tang (20g)
  • 2017 Shu Puer – Menhai (20g)
  • 2013 Shu Puer Tea – Old Tea Trees (20g)

You will learn the main flavours of Puer Tea, the different flavour between Sheng and Shu Puer, young and aged, and the nuances of these teas that make them unique.

Class Format:

The class will be taught in two sessions with 2.5h for each session.

To ensure interactive and personable experience the course is limited to 6 people and held live over Zoom. 

DATE:1st session is on Tuesday

8th December & the second session is on Tuesday 15th December.

TIME: 18:00 – 20:30 (GMT time zone)

PLACE:Online Zoom Meeting


Once you purchase your ticket. We will ship the tea samples that you will be tasting.  We will email you the Zoom link for joining the session two days before the class.  If you haven’t received the email, please check your spa folder first, and then contact us at Then, use the link to join the class 5 minutes prior to start time.


Due to shipping time, there is the register deadline so we can ensure your tea arrives on time.

  • UK mainland:please book your session 4 WORKING DAYS minimum in advance. Free shipping. 
  • E.U.: please book your session TWO WEEKS (including weekends) minimum in advance. £12 or free shipping over £80 purchase.
  • For the rest of the world:please book your session FOUR WEEKS (including weekends) minimum in advance. Shipping cost will be added at the checkout or free shipping over £250 purchase.

To ensure everyone gets a quality learning time, I can only take 6 attendees maximum for each class.

Cancellation Policy: tickets are non-refundable but transferrable. If you are unable to attend, please let us know in advance to whom you would like to transfer the tickets.


For this class, you will follow Juyan to brew each tea samples, so please prepare the following practical items:

  1. Measure 8g tea leaves
  2. A Gaiwan: any size from 100ml to 200ml, made with any material - if you don't have a gaiwan, alternatively, you could have a small bowl.  
  3. A kettle with a heat source
  4. Water: filtered tap water if possible or bottled water with pH 6.8-7 and 
  5. A Cha Hai, a tea pitcher or any matching size decanting vessel
  6. A tea tray, or any flat tray, or a towel for catching / wiping spillages during brewing. 

If you have any questions, please email me.