Phoenix Dan Cong - Song Zhong

Our Phoenix Dan Cong Song Zhong is exquisite and rare. It gives a fresh, gentle and bright floral aroma followed by natural fruity notes that make you think of the colour Orange.  The infusion is silky, sweet and smooth and has a good mouthfeel.  It’s lively body makes your mouth feel like it is having a nice warm sunbath.  The aftertaste is elegant and long lasting.

Our Song Zhong is quite special as it comes from a single tree that is about 90 years old and grows naturally on Wu Dong Mountain with rocky soil that gives the tea a deep after taste and intense flavour. Each single tea tree can only produce tea of not more than 20kg for each batch and as such, our current stock of this Song Zhong is only available until this batch we bought has been sold.

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