Architectural Grey Teapot (Melon Shape)


This strong architectural grey has a strikingly modern look, smooth feel, the dark edge intensifies its shape and lend a delicate touch to your tea table.  

This charming teapot is made by Fang Shan Tang with Austrian imported natural ore with the soda glazing technique.  Soda glaze is a ceramic firing process. Soda, or sodium oxide, is an active ceramic flux known for its bright colour response in glazes. When sodium chloride or carbonates are introduced into a kiln at high temperature, the produce sodium oxide in vapor form.  Where that vapor comes in contact with clay surfaces, it produces a glaze with a very simple composition: soda, alumina, silica. 

The surface of the teapot is designed with natural hairline cracks, the effect occurs during the last stage of the firing process when the outer surface cools at a faster rate to the clay underneath. Tiny cracks are the result. There are also tiny pores on the surface of the teapot which allow the teapot breathable, similar to Yixing clay teapot, avoiding to stuffy the tea leaves in the heat and reducing the bitterness, making tea taste softer and more delicate with a sweet taste.  The pot will also be absorbing the miscellaneous taste fo the tea liquor while steeping, so I would advise to brew tea with similar characters in one teapot.  


Earthenware clay with soda glazing

Capacity: 180ml

Diameter: 8.0cm

Height: 8.2cm 

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