Wuyi Wild Red Tea - Qi Zhong

Our Wuyi Wild Red Tea is exclusive and rare and has a complex and strong floral aroma of a bouquet of wild flowers with a fruity sweetness with a lovely and pleasant lingering aftertaste.

What makes our Wuyi Red Tea exclusive and rare is that it is from a tea garden that is located deep inside of the Wu Yi mountain range at about 1500 meters high. The tea garden is only accessible by foot and via a hidden path. The wild bushes that were found in this location are at a higher altitude than normal and allows the tea bushes to grow slower and absorbing more mineral and nutrition from the ground.

Qi Zhong literally means “strange cultivars”, which is the term for a mixture of indigenous varietals growing in a same tea garden.  The farmers harvested all the leaves together which creates a natural blend of teas that offers intensity and complexity of profile unparalleled by single varietals.