Wuyi Wild Red Tea - Qi Zhong 武夷野生奇种

Qi Zhong literally means "strange cultivars", which are the terms for a mixture of indigenous varietals and they are the native ancient tea bushes in Wu Yi Mountain.  the bush are grown from seeds and have straight, long and bold roots extending straight into he ground, therefore it is easy to absorb minerals and it can produce tea with long-lasting and strong aftertaste.  

The tea garden where these tea comes from is located deep inside the Wu Yi Mountain valley at altitude of 1700 meters.  The tea garden is only accessible by foot and via small narrow path.  The Qi Zhong bushes have left to grown naturally by themselves and there is no management involved at all which allows the bushes to grow slower and absorbing more mineral and nutrition from the ground. The tea leaves are plucked at once creating a natural blend of teas that offers intensity and complexity of profile unparalleled by single varietals. They are highly prized by locals. 

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