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Gong Fu Tea Tasting 
By Appointment Only.

Our private tea tasting is all about appreciating fine teas in our Portobello Green tea store. It is a great way of novice or seasoned tea drinkers who would like to take the next step in their aprecation of tea - gaining delicious insider knowledge and tasting tips.  

-  Experience the Gong Fu Cha – a traditional Chinese way of tea making process to maximize the teas and appreciate fine teas.

-  Accompany the Camellia Sinesesis on its long journey from field to cup.

-  Learn the tea culture, history, health benefits and preparation of fine teas.

-  Tasting 4 teas out of white, green, oolong, black or Puer teas.

Duration: 2 hours 

Price: £30 for a single person or £25 per person for a group of two or more people. 

Tasting session run daily from Monday - Friday 11am to 5pm, and Saturday 10am - 12pm only.   

BOOK NOW  call 020 8960 0096 or email

Receive 10% off any teas or accessories purchased during your tasting session.


Gift vouchers for tea tasting events are also available to purchase, please Click HERE or email us.  Perfect for special events, wedding favours, unique moments, or simply a wonderful way to treat yourself.


Customer Reviews

Mark and Charity, Sep 2015

I just wanted to say a personal thank you again for the fantastic tea tasting experience you gave both my girlfriend and me this morning. It was fascinating to learn about the subtleties of the different teas, where they’re grown and how they’re processed, learning more about Chinese culture and also what effects different teas have on you. I’m sure we will be back again in the future to buy and try more varieties as we learn what our favourites are.

Wendy, Jan 2015

A brilliant experience and an informative one. Amazing flavours.Will book the tea tasting again.

Gary, Jun 2014

A great Saturday evening drinking great tea. Would highly recomend. Money well spent. Even if I did feel a little tea drunk after.




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