Wuyi Rock Tea Bai Ji Guan

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Master Wu’s tea garden, Wu Yi Mountain, Fujian Province, China


Harvested in May 2017. 

4 leaves are picked together, partially oxidised and then gently roasted over a low heat. The gentle roasting preserves the tea’s natural character.


Bai Ji Guan is a classic Wu Yi varietal that originates from the ‘Bat Cave’ (unfortunately no Caped Crusader resides there) that is located deep within the Wu Yi Mountains. First recorded in the Ming Dynasty it was given this name because the tops of the bushes have a bright yellow-green appearance that, in strong sunlight, appear almost white in colour (‘Bai’ means white in Chinese).


Bai Ji Guan is lightly processed through shade withering and when brewed it gives a sweet mushroom and longan fruitiness that is very delightful.

The infusion is light yellow in colour and has a soft chocolaty aroma with a few high notes of citrusy mushrooms. After a rinse, the leaves smell like the tea sits between a green oolong and a dark oolong.  The flavour is complex, revealing a subtle balance between the signature mineral like character of Wuyi oolongs and a floral sweetness that, in later infusions, transforms into a more fruity character.

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