2012 Aged Silver Needle White Tea

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A white tea from 2012, produced in a traditional white tea way by slow withering and sun drying using Silver Needle grade tea leaves – the pre-open apical buds in the early spring. The tea was compressed into cakes with the intention to age and has been aged under dry and natural conditions in Fuding by the Master Ye.

Tea Appearance: deep brown tips covered by silvery-white fur.

Tea Liquor: clear, maple syrup colour infusion.

Tea Aroma: the sweet, warm, and a herbal nose with a medicinal edge

Tea Taste: A smooth, silken texture, sweet with notes of honey. Long and malty aftertaste.

Infusion tips: Unlike green tea, a white tea is much better brought out with water in higher temperature: 90°C, even for a Silver Needle. For a compressed and aged Silver Needle white tea, the temperature need to be a bit higher. Optimum infusion temperature 95°C, using 3g per 150ml. Many infusions.

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