White Porcelain Gaiwan (Orange edge)

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A pure white porcelain Gaiwan, hand-made in Jingdezhen with high quality porcelain and glaze. 

The rim of Gaiwan is perfectly curve outwards allowing water to pour out smoothly and the medium thickness of the rim making it very easy to hold. It has very smooth and silky texture feels like touch a jade.

A Gaiwan is a Chinese lidded bowl without handle and consists of a bowl, a lid and a saucer.  It was invented during Ming dynasty. A glazed porcelain gaiwan is the simplest and most versatile way to brew all loose leave teas, especially good for brewing fine teas with delicate flavour and aroma. It allows to show the most true character of the tea, making it the best way to initially assess a tea's quality.  The gaiwan can also be used as a drinking vessel, simply by put few grams of tea leaves, add hot water and place the lid on and let it brew for few minutes.  Drinking directly from the bowl and using lid to push the leaves back.  

Capacity: 120ml (to rim)

Diameter of bowl: 9.2cm

Height including lid and saucer: 9.5cm 

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