White Peony Organic White Tea

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White Peony or Bai Mu Dan is a stronger flavoured white tea than the Silver Needle, perfect for everyday consumption. Tea buds with two closest leaves are harvested a week after Silver Needle from the same tea bushes (Da Bai or the big leaf varietal) and allowed to wither slowly under the sun before they are dried over charcoal at a low temperature.

The same as our Silver Needle, this White Peony comes from an organic tea garden (certified by IMO, Switzerland) at the Nine Peaks Mountains in Funding City, Fujian Province. The remote location that reaches 1000m altitudes and the slightly acidic soil is excellent for growing tea. The unique terrain where the tea is growing in partial shade of other trees adds to the exceptionally pure taste of this white tea.

The silvery green leaves yield clear golden liquor with a fresh green aroma. The flavour is mildly sweet and mellow reminiscent of juicy white grapes and ripe melon along with the hints of hay and barley. Soft and easy-to-drink texture makes this tea a perfect all-day-round drink.     

White tea is known for being the least processed tea family allowing the tea leaves to remain as close as possible to their natural state. This tea delivers many of the health benefits of the green tea while being much gentler on the stomach.

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